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Musical Statues

Something happened to me in 2001 that changed my life forever; it resulted in a condition called Post Traumatic Stress which effected my emotions. When most other people felt happiness I felt rage and anger. This was particularly bad during worship; whilst most people were buzzing of God I felt pure passionate anger; it would consume me so much that eventually I would need to walk away.

Its mostly sorted now, i'm cool but it has left me playing Worship Musical Statues. Its the opposite to the kids game where you freeze when the music stops; when the worship music starts I freeze; my feet become like lead, clapping is pushing it to the limit and dancing; well there is no chance.

Its a self image thing; I am scared that people will look at me; if I clap I'll attract attention, if I dance people will not be able to contain their laughter.

The other day it I felt this more than ever. Flan was leading worship at an event and was kicking off a song when he asked us all to dance. He was looking at me and I shook my head, he asked me again to dance and I couldn?t do it, I wanted but I just couldn?t bring myself to move.

Anyway, I was driving home last night after a meeting and put on an MP3 devotion that somebody in the office had put on a CD. It became obvious right away that it was one of Flans God 360 devotions - Pay to praise. It got me man, it blew me away! I was driving home weeping my eyes out! It was one of those moments were you can feel the presence of God bristling, grabbing right at your heart.

I know Jesus set me free from my sin but I realised last night for the first time that Jesus has set me free, full stop!!!

Posted by Crouching tortoise hidden lettuce, 6 October 2006

10 WHOLE minutes!!!!???

We have a weekly prayer group at my workplace about 15 of us attend through our 20 minute morning break (not bad out of 100ish employees).
It was my turn to 'lead' this week and I didn't know what I was going to do, so I brought in my God 360 book and read from pg 78, 'Air-conditioning'; about connecting with God through a 10 minute quiet time at work.
It took me 5 mins to read it, then I urged everyone to open up their hands on their laps and sit quietly for 10 mins, with God.
Tick, tick, tick, tick; tick, tick, tick, tick!
What a strange realisation!!!
I wasn't expecting to suffer from 'non-productivity anxiety'!
I think I broke into nervous prayer after about 7 mins!
A practise I need more practise in obviously!
Everyone else thoroughly enjoyed and connected through it.
Thanks Andy!

Posted by Emma, 19 September 2006


i was looking through these blogs and came to the last one. the one about water by Andy himself. i remembered reading the devotional about taking the glass of water and spending time with God, but i overlooked it, cast it off to the side, deciding that i didn't need to do it. but when i read the blg entry i was provided with a place to start with in reading the Bible, the psalms. i decided to pick up my bible and go get a big glass of water and spend some quality time with God. as i did this God revealed to me some of what he wanted me to do, what he had planned for me to do. I'd been worrying a little about not having a girlfriend etc. but he reassured me that he has plans for me. and that i need not worry about my future.

thank you Andy for posting that blog, God has really used it to speak to me and is continuing to do so as i do the devotionals in your book.

Posted by Johnny, 16 September 2006