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Day One

I started with day number one today, it was interesting how many of my truth messages related to people following Gods call and ensuring he is the one they listen to. Was a challenge but good to do and also to send messages to people who I use to have lots of deep conversations with but now we have moved to different places don't always get the chance to.

Will see how day two is tomorrow!


Posted by David, 16 September 2006

Of Interest ..

I have enjoyed reading this book in my nightly devotionals. I encourage the author to consider writing other books for the Christian reader. God has certainly blessed me, the reader, as I read through it. It allows one to see a different perspective on God's intent for our lives as we seek to serve Him!

Posted by C. Smallwood, 16 September 2006


I can't even begin to tell you the amazing timing of getting this book into my hands.

In my work as a police officer I come across some 'gut wrenching' incidents from time to time and after the second in two weeks I had lost where God was and where I was too. Too many questions, too much pain, and too little sleep. Then this book came.

I read the prologue, the bit about 'impact' and remembered why I do my job. Then I did the sending 'truth-telling' messages, which not only was good for my friends, but made me realise again that its not all about 'me'!

The book has challenged me to get my life in context and refine my perspective within relationship with a God who's bigger than it all. No easy answers, no quick fixes, but the knowledge of a God who is there and cares in an intervening not far off way, and the ability to sleep in the peace of that knowledge.

All this and I've only just started the book!

Posted by Ceri, 3 September 2006