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Just been given God 360 as a gift and am completely terrified!
But never one to turn down a challenge, I'm going to give it a go.
I been aware that my devotional time hadn't been that hot, but hadn't been able to figure out why.
I now know that it was because I was pretty near to asleep and doin naff all to really engage with what God was saying to me, in fact I think I'd stoped expecting him to say anything.
1 down, 119 to go, my friends have already begun to think I've lost the plot, and I've begun to see God's part in my daily life again.

Posted by Karen, 21 August 2006

First steps...

OK. I'm excited and scared. I knew this would be an amazing concept when Flan first mentioned it to me, whilst driving in Luton about three years ago.
I thought then - I'm going to end up being changed by these ideas. I've managed to avoid it so far, but last week we decided that we should try and have a together with God time that we can commit to. When I saw the book at Soul survivor I knew I had to buy it (?2 off marked price was the clincher!).
So my wife and I have just read through the intro and are set to work our way through some of the challenges.
I look forward (I think) to sharing some of the life changes we are about to experience.


Posted by Bethel, 21 August 2006


I sat on a bench in the middle of Chelmsford's pedestrianised high street for 15 minutes. I was drawn there by the sight of a man standing upside-down with his head in a plastic bucket...I kid you not...apparently he's homeless and this is the only way he can make a living. Thank God for British eccentricity and the fact that we are all unique human beings made in the image of our Creator. In the crowds that walked passed me in that time were people people of all ages, sizes, shapes, abilities, class, races, religion. Everyone reacted differently to the man-some stopped, some ignored him, some gave money/some didn't, some mocked, some smiled, some took pictures on their mobiles or phoned their mates, some laughed, some walked past, some called him names, some stared in amazement....even the police stopped for a friendly chat. He clearly was something different-not the "norm". He had a message to get across and backed this up with a visual statement. But the people passing had the freedom to stop and take notice of him, or not.
It made me think about Jesus and His life and message and our reaction to it. There are similarities. Jesus was often contraversial and pushed back the acceptable boundaries of His day. He often interacted with those around Him in just the same "off the wall" way and I believe He had a great sense of fun and humour. It also made me think about my reactions about how I view people who are different from me, who challenge me and my perceptions. Am I prepared to be different? To make a statement? To stand out from the crowd with a message or be swallowed up in mediocrity and conformity?

Posted by Celeste, 21 July 2006