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These exercises have been life-changing for me. Try them!!!

Posted by james, 9 February 2009
It has changed my life

It has changed my life

I love the God360, for years i was struggling to find a devotional to suit my needs, this one has achieved that. I love the way it goes right to the core, it is practical, encouraging and you definitely step out of your comfort zone at times. It has brought me closer to God and i have thouroughly enjoyed my quiet times. I would love to read another devotional as have nearly finished this one, are there any others by Andy?

I would recommend this book to anyone looking to grow spiritually and be stretched in a fun yet powerful way

Posted by Charlee Sweatman, 31 July 2007


I have been running around for so long and I have loved the discipline of just stopping and sitting in one place for decent periods of time.

The new God-awareness that comes from that is helping all the other stuff in god360 come to life too...


Posted by steve k, 3 July 2007