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my family, the people who know me best

my family, the people who know me best

When the Lord takes me to high places and experience mighty wonders in His Spirit, the feeling of I've arrived overtakes me everytime. Then afterward the real lesson occurs. All that Jesus just deposited in my spirit is going to be stretched out in daily living. That's where the picture comes in. These are the people that get to find out everyday if I'm going to walk after His Spirit ir my flesh. Jesus reward them for just having to share life with me. I see more and more that it's how the private life is walked out that bears the fruit. Jesus have mercy.

Posted by cassandra, 11 February 2007

isnt it wierd?

I have just started the God360 devotional series and I have only read the first study on stating the obvious and it strikes me how hard it is just to tell someone how much God loves them or is using them for the kingdom. It seems so counter cultural (I know thats the point) that I am struggling incredibly with doing it with earthly concerns like who to send it to and who would benefit from it. I know i should just trust God and say what i feel God is telling me to tell them but its so hard to do. Isnt it wierd because in a converstion i would have said it was easy to do and now when confronted with it, it seems so daunting!

Posted by Pete, 5 February 2007

....... d o n ' t b e t o o p r o u d t o s t o p .......

Over three years I've been living in my neighbourhood, using the same postbox, driving down the same road, shopping in the same supermarket two or three times a week.
I have walked past the boards of cards other customers place to sell their posessions so many times and mostly I don't even notice them.
For once, I decided to stop. I don't know why I chose then.
I felt a bit wierd actually, it challenged me, being seen eye-ing up second hand 'stuff'.
But that feeling soon left me completely... what was first quite awkward to do became so moving. I felt like I was in a small way connected to those people. I read every single one. I found myself compelled to touch some, and pray for their writer - the shakey handwriting, the sadness of poverty, the loss of a losing a loved one and selling what was to them so precious.
Baby equipment, "bought but never used" or "only used for two months".
And as I stood there, people came and stood next to me who needed those items, their arms brushing against my coat and I was able to pray for them too.
I was so touched, it brought tears to my eyes.
Thank you

Posted by Asda-chick, 12 December 2006