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God360 - 120 experiential devotionals

120 opportunities to not only read God's big story, but to step into his big story.
Each of them has a scripture bit, which you read out and about somewhere in context, or an active outworking of the text.

E.g. as Moses prayed for the battle below in Exodus 17, you'll be at the top of your local multi-storey car park, praying for the spiritual battles in your town...

OR meditating on what it meant for Jesus to wash the disciples' feet, as you wash your neighbour's car (our 21st form of transport) OR praying with 2 others while watching the news for the situations mentioned

Knowing grows in the doing. These days learning that lasts happens experientially. Think about what French you can still remember - it�s the French you spoke on holidays, not the stuff you learnt in class. This book crafts 120 experiences for you. We get to know Jesus by being in his vicinity, doing what he is doing, not by hiding away in a corner.